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Åsa Ekman

Director Åsa Ekman's previous film, A Mother’s Comeback (2011) premiered at the Göteborg International Film Festival and was nominated for Best Documentary and won the prize for Best Swedish Feature Film. Her short film It's all about Edith (2008) got the Jury’s Honorary Award at Tempo Documentary Film Festival. In her short film Player vs. Romeo (2006) Ekman portrayed teenage boys from the suburb Fittja. Her Dragkingdom of Sweden (2002) is a cult movie amongst the HBTQ scene as well as part of the course 'literature of gender studies' at several universities.

Oscar Hedin

Oscar Hedin is a producer, director and founder of Film and Tell. He won the Golden Palm at the Beverly Hills Film Festival for A National Team without a Nation (2005). He was nominated for the Red Cross Journalism Award for My Father is Mentally Disabled (2008), and he was nominated for a Guldbagge Award, Prix Europa and Ikaros and won the Amulet for Aching Heart (2007). The Forgotten Girls (2001) was nominated for the Save the Children Journalist Award. The two protagonists in Shame & Honor (2009) won the honorary prize at the Swedish Gay Gala 2010. The Hate and The Triangle of Death (2004) led to a convicting sentence, and he received the Swedish Environmental Journalists’ Honorary Award.

Anders Teigen

Anders Teigen has a Master's Degree in editing from the Norwegian Film School. He has edited documentaries such as Big John (2008) which won Best Nordic Documentary at Nordisk Panorama. Teigen was nominated for an Amanda for Best Editing at the Norwegian Film Festival. Other films include From Prison to Parliament (2008), which won the Norwegian Golden Chair for Best Documentary, and The Arm-Wrestler from Solitude (2004) which won a Guldbagge for Best Documentary.

Josef Tuulse

Josef Tuulse is a Swedish composer and sound engineer who runs the sound studio Danviken Stereo. He has been working within film and TV productions since the ´90s, is a skilled music producer, and has a degree in film sound and film script from the Swedish Film School (now STDH). Tuulse has got a broad experience of sound recording spanning from reality TV to documentary, feature film and gaming, where he has worked as an independent sound consultant on a number of productions. Tuulse mostly works with both sound and music production and is often assigned the complete responsibility for post production. He has composed music for a number of film productions such as Aching Heart (2007), Simple Simon (2010) and The Importance of Tying Your Own Shoes (2011).

Iga Mikler

Iga Mikler is a cinematographer with a Masters Degree from the Swedish Film School (now STDH). Mikler has worked on The Road To Happiness (2004), winner of Best Film at Bare Jada Film Festival, and on The Paradise, winner of New Doc at the Tempo Documentary Film Festival. She has also shot Kiipa Papa (2011) which competed at Tempo Documentary Film Festival, The Supporter (2011) which competed at Stockholm International Film Festival, and Eating Lunch (2013) which competed at Göteborg International Film Festival. Mikler also co-directed and shot Film and Tell’s short documentary Go Straight Home (2013) which has screened at a number of national and international festivals.

Anna Hagnefur

Anna Hagnefur is a producer at Film and Tell focusing on outreach and distribution. Anna has a BA in Fine Art Photography from The Cass School of Art (LMU) and a Masters Degree in Publishing from London College of Communication, where she also studied Film and Video production. She has long experience of working in publishing and film distribution for companies such as New Wave Films, Soda Pictures, Universal Pictures Nordic and NonStop Entertainment.